Paolo Soro

Online Assistance


The Firm provides Online Assistance through e-mail, attaching the a PDF copy of the invoice that can be printed by the Client, in case he/she decides to accept the estimate of costs initially sent by us and it can be paid with bank transfer or with any other mean agreed upon by the Client and the Firm.

Specifically, the process is the following:


The Client fills and submits the FORM, writing down:

Name, Last Name, Address, Fiscal Code, Phone Number, Mail Address and he/she states the subject: “Request for Online Assistance”.


The Firm examines the question and send an answer e-mail as soon as possible stating:

Privacy Policy and estimate of costs of the assistance regarding the work specifically asked in the question.

In the event that the question needs further clarification, the Firm will, before transmitting the documents cited (i.e. Privacy Policy and estimate of costs of the assistance), request those information with an e-mail or using the phone number provided by the Client.

Please note that during STEP 1 and STEP 2, it is not required to provide us with information of your credit/debit card. The client will not have to spend any amount of many before the estimate of costs has been accepted.


After receiving the estimate of costs, the Client has eight days to decide:

A)    If the Client refuses the offer: he/she does not have any obligation and he/she does not have to make any further action; the Client can simply decide not to answer the e-mail; after the eight days following the mail have passed, the offer will automatically expire and the Firm will act as the Client has refused the offer, to whom we will not ask any amount of money of any kind, not even the reimbursement of procedure.

NB: in case you will receive any request of payment and/or of bank account, credit or debit card, PIN or Password information or similar, even in case it may look at first sigh as a request from the Firm, the Client is asked to delete it immediately, since it has to be an attempt of fraud from hackers and/or people outside of the Firm. We state once again that until the Client acceptance of the estimate of costs of the assistance no money transfer will be requested or should be performed and no personal information should be sent to the Firm.

B)    If the Client accepts the offer: he/she will simply has to pay the amount of money asked for in the estimate of costs of the assistance, in the ways and terms specified in that same document; in fact by making that payment, the Client is accepting the whole document, giving rise to all legal and contractual obligations, according to the conditions expressly detailed in the estimate of costs of assistance; the Client will receive the assistance requested (i.e. the detailed answer to the question asked in the form), with the specific invoice of the Online Assistance attached in PDF format (that can be downloaded and printed from any device). In that same answer we will provide the contact information of the referent of the Firm to contact in case of any question or just for clarification on the answer. In this regard, it is noted that any clarification later provided (exclusively pertaining to particular specifications, possibly not well understood in the answer to the question), it will be provided by the Firm without any additional expense.


The time needed to provide the Online Assistance may vary depending on the complexity of the question and on the specific period of the year in which the question is submit. Nonetheless the Firm ensure its Clients of the firm guarantees  maximum speed in response, considering the different degree of urgency and the necessity of the questions.


The FORM can be used also to schedule a face to face meeting at one of our company locations. We offer this service through phone call or Skype call too. If that is the case, we kindly ask the client to specify in the FORM: “Meeting Request” and to share in the text box the topic of the meeting, the type of meeting preferred (phone call, Skype call, face to face) and his schedule (day and time).




Please keep in mind that the Online Assistance service provided by the Firm must meet certain essential requirements with reference to the type and the nature of the service requested for the protection of the Client; it must as well guarantee compliance with the standards prescribed in this regard by the professional membership, in compliance with its Code of Ethics and with the applicable rules of law.