Paolo Soro


Hours and Operations



The Firm offices are open every day:

Monday to Friday

Only in the morning:

from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. CET

The reasons behind this decision are the following:

1. The necessity of dedicate the right time to professional development activities, both inside and outside the Firm offices.

2. The need of visiting the Clients’ locations.

Nonetheless, the Client has the option of scheduling an appointment even outside of these hours, and even on Saturdays and public holidays, in line with each other's personal and work schedules.


Notwithstanding what said before, communications can take place, even outside offices hours, by using Skype or e-mail, directly to each staff member.

Or by using the following e-mail addresses:

In fact it is strongly recommended to use e-mail as much as possible, so that it will always be possible to have a written record of the request and the correlative answer received as well as a way to measure the reliability of the Firm.

For emergencies, the manager of the Firm is available at the following phone number:

+39 339 6633707



In accordance with the current legislation, the firm is equipped with POS and regularly accept payments by credit cards, debit cards and ATM.





The world is changing rapidly and radically, and Professional Services Firm have to modify their operations for keeping the path of innovations and new regulations. The Firm is characterized by certain management decisions that are essential in order to remain up to date.


A)    The work of the Firm is organized with the use of Server that remain in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and with a VPN Corporate Intranet line that allow us to run operations remotely and in office all the time and from anywhere just with the use of a internet connection. This provides us with the ability of performing our work and to answer our Clients’ requests faster.


B)    Professional Services Firms in which operate dozens of collaborators are anachronistic, out of the market and, despite the big dimension, cannot be able to cope fully with the global economic and fiscal complexity of today’s world. Our choice has been to maintain a local strictly restricted to collaborators of high experience, professionalism (and especially trust). At the same time we have decided to exploit the potential of Social Network keeping contacts with hundreds (not dozens) of collaborators which operates in their respective fields of expertise around the world: we think that by operating this way, leveraging our connections and focusing on our biggest skills, we are able to offer a superior quality of service to our Clients than we would be able to do by increasing the number of partners in our Firm and by augmenting the size of our Firm (or by creating a professional network, in which it is often the case that envy and competition arise between the members).


C)    The increasing number of procedures and needs of our current Clients prevent the Firm from operate in the old fashion way in which the Accountant was difficult to reach and free to stay seated on his office armchair and wait for Clients to come and ask questions or help for his/her business needs, scheduling appointments ad Graecas kalendas. We think that only by knowing in details the current situation of our Clients we will be able to provide the advisory services of high quality as we claim to do, covering all of our Clients current and future needs in a timely and professional manner. In order to keep faith to our words we think we have to:

1.    be reachable easily and frequently;

2.    schedule appointments in a timely manner, both at our offices locations and at the Clients’ business locations.


D)    The Firm takes into account the business plan for growth and the needs for partners/suppliers of all the different Clients when planning the best way to serve them, in the attempt of finding win-win opportunities between Clients which has in common only the relationship with our Firm. Simply putted, we do not simply look for business opportunities for our Clients out in the different markets, but we also try to find synergies between our different Clients. 10% of the daily worktime of the manager of the Firm is invested in analysing deeply the situation of each Client and in search for opportunities to grow his/her business.


E)    With more than thirty years working in this field, the Firm has been able to realize the benefit for our Clients of being constantly updated with changes of regulations and new financing opportunities as well as of receiving reminders of deadlines in advance to plan accordingly, especially when big amount of money are involved. For this reason, bearing in mind this need, the Firm ensures its Clients with an appropriate information referred to deadlines, except in case of sudden and unexpected changes in the law, or in case of missing communication or documentation from the Clients himself/herself.