Paolo Soro

Clients of the Firm


The Firm has a wide variety of Clients; for example, in our Client base, we count:


A)    Types of business:

-    B2C, B2B, industry, trade (wholesale and retail), handicrafts, services, self-employment. 

B)    Dimensions:

-    Micro, small and medium-sized companies, large companies, corporations.

C)    Industries:

-    Engineering, manufacturing, construction, public exercises, hotel, tobacco, electronic commerce, kiosks, real estate professionals, agents and representatives, agriculture, supermarkets, electronics, appliances, transportation, cleaning, travel agency, financial, training schools.

D)    Legal Forms:

-    Corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, professional firms, consortia, cooperatives, associations (recognized or not), family businesses, foundations, holding companies and groups (domestic and foreign).

E)    Types of Accounting System:

-    Regular (quarterly and monthly), simplified, minimum taxpayers, special schemes.



Our Clients are not merely a number to insert in our database and to use for some statistics thou; the distinguish element of a good Professional Services Firm is the value perceived by Clients in their relationship with the Firm.

It is undoubtable that different Clients have different needs, and in order to serve them properly a Professional Services Firm should behave accordingly.

This does not mean that we will have different level of performance and commitment depending on our Client business or needs thou. It means that we will provide them with the most suitable services depending on their situation and request.


Depending on the Client needs, he/she will be assisted:


1)    as an internal Client, i.e. taking at the Firm the entire accounting and processing of all the pay slips;

2)    as an external Client, i.e. checking the work done by the employees of his/her company(/-ies) and preparing and transmitting financial statements and various tax and social security documents;

3)    as a self-standing Client, i.e. just performing the professional services as he request them, e.g. participation in general meetings, preparation of expert reports and opinions, control and internal audit, alongside the entrepreneur in domestic and foreign meeting etc.