Paolo Soro

Our Services


The Firm offers, directly and/or through the work of its collaborators, assistance to its Clients with:


Bookkeeping (simplified and ordinary), including printing logs: the Client simply has to send to the Firm invoices, fees, expenses, sheets of any prior notice and bank records monthly: the Firm takes care of everything else. 

Tax Advisory and Assistance, including tax returns filling and transmissions: the Client can take care of his/her business; we take charge of reminding him/her of all the deadlines, preparing and transmitting electronically the annual and interim tax returns required by the law, filing as well all the relevant forms prescribed by the current regulations for tax, tuition and fees purposes.

Assistance and Advisory preparing financial statements, including consolidated: the Firm prepares financial statements in the form required by the current regulations yearly (and, if appropriate or if requested from the Client, during the fiscal year), and we send them, with all the attachments required by the law, to the competent Chamber of Commerce.

Carrying out procedures with the Chambers of Commerce: the Firm does not only transmit financial statements to the Chamber of Commerce; we take care of every practice and procedure, necessary or simply request from the Client, which must be performed at the Chamber of Commerce (e.g. company registration, meeting minutes, appointments of directors and auditors, changes in data, and beginning and end of activities etc.). The Firm perform this duties with the electronic system ‘ComUnica’ which allow us to transmit the documents simultaneously to the Chamber of Commerce, as well as to the Tax and social security institutions.

Assistance in soft loans and other financing opportunities: the Firm communicates any opportunities provided by the laws of the sector/industry in terms of loans, grants, lending and mortgages, and, if required by the Client, instructs and transmit the forms at banks and other bodies deputies as prescribed.

Human Resources Management and Advisory Services, including payroll, registers and periodic returns with simultaneous electronic transmission: the Firm manages all the documentation concerning the personnel through electronic systems which allow us to send all the analysis of interest for the Client, if he/she demands them, and to give him/her the freedom to print all the section he/she evaluates relevant. Of course, this is an additional service beyond the traditional paper compilation of payroll, with the simultaneous electronic transmission of all monthly and annual declarations (including the ‘CU’ of employees). The Firm takes care as well of the INPS Separate Management and the Management IVS Craftsmen and Merchants, and the Building Fund. Our services are completed with the preparation of all types of employment contracts, an apprenticeship, coordinated and continuous collaboration, project work, as well as the mandates and tasks to professionals, agents and representatives, self-employed workers and businesses in general, including contracts, sub procurement and temporary joint venture.

Contractual Assistance and Transaction Services: the Firm helps its Clients the signing of contracts for the sale, lease, rent, lease, loan, communion, condominium, consortium, association, foundation, inheritance, donation, management, mortgage and represented at the General Meeting.

Assistance in bankruptcy: the customer receives, also, assistance in any pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy, as well as in all bankruptcy proceedings in general.

Defense of the taxpayer in tax litigation: the Firm does not fail to defend Customer against any claims of the Treasury, operating the mediation with the offices of the Inland Revenue, supporting the customer during the contradictory, drafting appeals, claiming the position of the customer to trial before the Tax Commission provincial and regional, as well as providing expert support in every seat of the Supreme Court.

Assistance in cases of labor and social security litigation: the Firm offers a similar service to the one previously mentioned for what concern cases of audits and investigations in the field of labor and social security, providing any necessary appeals, as well as supporting the customer in contradiction with the relevant bodies.



These services are offered to Clients following a deep analysis of their business (considering strategic, financial, and growth prospective aspects), as well as of their personal and entrepreneurial expectations. Moreover we offered these services only following long meeting with the Client, in which the Firm and the Client himself/herself should evaluate every existing option before deciding on which one to pursue.

Company Strategy Analysis / Financial Health Check-up.

Transactions and Start-up Services.

Restructuring and Reorganization Advisory Services (including Change Management).

Business Plan and Feasibility Study.

Company Due Diligence and Evaluations, agreed and technical expertise.

Audit: auditing, financial statement analysis and financial flows analysis.

Analysis of the situation and welfare of employees and para-subordinate.

International Investment Planning.

Mergers & Acquisitions.


International Tax Planning.