Paolo Soro

Professional Development


The Regulations for the Continuing Vocational Training of the Italian National Council of Accountants and Auditors (Consiglio Nazionale dei Dottori Commercialisti e degli Esperti Contabili) states:

Art. 3 
The Continuing Vocational Training is perfomed through the following activities as stated below, even if perfomed abroad, relating to the subject matters set forth in paragraph:
a) participation in training events, such as conferences, seminars, courses, masters and similar events and performance of activities of distance education, including those listed in the educational programs of territorial Orders in art. 29, co. 1, letter. m), of Legislative Decree no. 139/2005;
b) conducting other special training activities, identified in the Regulations for the continuous professional training of territorial Orders.
2. The training activities shall concern matters related to the professional activity of the accountant and auditor and, in particular the financial and economic and business matters, legal matters (including the civil and commercial law, administrative law, tax law, criminal law, civil and criminal procedures), professional activities reserved and those subject to special rules. They must have also concerns the order and the professional ethics rules and application procedures relating to the performance of the professional activity, in particular the application of new technologies and management of professional firms. To this end, the National Council prepares and updates the list of targeted training activities.

Art. 5 
The conduct of the Continuing Professional Development is a legal and an ethical obligation for those registered in the registers held by local orders in accordance with articles. 12, co. 1, letter. r) and 29, co. 1, letter. m) of Legislative Decree. n. 139/2005.

Notwithstanding the above mentioned ethical obligation, the Firm believes that continuing vocational training and professional development are fundamental to serve adequately our Clients with our professional activities.

The manager of the Firm spend around 4 hours per day on his professional development and on training activities, especially with regard to news, Notes of Ministries and Court rulings.

Every member of the team (for which there are no legal requirements in this regard) has as well the task of spending at least 20% of their workday on professionale development activities in their respective fields of expertise.

Moreover, the owner of the Firm takes part in conferences related to his fields of expertise both in Italy and abroad as shown by his constant updates on social network, along with other important news on the events to whom he has participated..