Paolo Soro



The Italian Constitution states in Article 41:


“The private economic activity is free.


It must be performed in accordance with social utility and it must not cause any harm to human safety, freedom, and dignity.


The law determines programs and controls for the coordination and the organization of public and private economic activity towards social purposes.”



CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), means that any company should behave in an ethic and respectful manner, that goes beyond the mere respect of the laws and regulations of the countries in which it operates. It means that a company has the duty to operate with consideration of the external and internal social and environmental situations, following a code of conduct and good practices socially accepted.


CSR has two dimensions:


Internal: it refers to the management of human resources, safety on the workplace, company’s organization, natural resources management and the effects of business activities on the environment;


External: it refers to the local community impact, business partners relationships, suppliers and buyers, customers and clients, human rights respect in the entire supply chain activities, and the worldwide considerations regarding the environment and the exploitation of natural resources.


Despite our small dimension, we believe in and practice the respect of rating agencies recommendations and parameters for what concern governance and compliance: “Standard Ethics” [] based in Brussels and London. We take an active role in the limitation of useless waste of energy, as well as using as much as possible recycled products. A specific attention is given to the “personal care” aspect: our staff enjoys adequate economic treatment agreed upon together, and the freedom to operate in full responsibility for what concern their duties and tasks. The top management of the Firm is available to provide individual assistance to each one of the Firm’s collaborators for their everyday needs, if requested by them. Our entire workforce is involved in the decision process and agrees on the strategic direction of our Firm. In fact our strategy is crafted following a bottom-up approach, thanks to the frequent and planned management briefings and meetings open to all of our staff. Finally, our Firm consider safety on the workplace fundamental and regularly checks all the aspects that refers to this aspect.


At the same time, the Firm actively helps and sponsors external projects of CSR.




The main part of our commitment is to provide free basic consulting services in all the phase of startup:


-          Information sessions with clients;


-          Contractual assistance for the company registration;


-          Single Communication telematics at the offices in charge, with the acquisition of the fiscal code;


-          Reporting of any contributions provided (financial purpose) if existing;


-          Information about public establishments branches that provide aid and the institutions that are already operating in this area at a local, national and international level.




The target customers for the above mentioned services are the non-profit associations and the NGOs, that adhere to the principles promoted by international agencies for CSR and ethical conduct of business, whose corporate purpose is:


- The protection of the natural resources;


- The protection of animal safety;


- The protection of the landscape;


- the protection of the environment;


- The activities for ecological development;


- the activities for the proper management of natural resources;


- The respect of human rights;


- The guarantee of the fundamental freedoms of all individuals, without prejudices of race, ethnicity, religion, sex, language, opinion, or any other type;


- The maintenance of peace among countries and populations;


-          Every voluntary activities aimed at promoting humanitarian actions, and promoting the acquisition of an objective ethical conscience, combining technological advancements with the growth of the planet;


- Any other activities not expressly mentioned above, but nonetheless considered worthy of help from the Firm, based on universal ethical principles.