Paolo Soro



The Firm carefully considers any request for work by individuals who have acquired the necessary experience in the fields of institutional operation related to the range of services we offer.

We also evaluate similarly requests for the execution of the training period required by current regulations to sustain the qualifying examination for the Chartered Accountant title.

People interested in these opportunities are welcomed to submit their requests by e-mail at:

with the subject (depending on the case):


"Professional Internship"

And attaching their CV.


All the requests which will satisfy our requirements will be answered as soon as possible, depending on the Firm schedule.



It is also possible to contact the Firm by joining the professional network linkedin.png

This second option is highly recommended since despite the fact that the Firm may have not answered positively to the first job application of the candidate, we will still keep a record of it in our system and it will be possible to be contacted later by the Firm, if the opportunity arises, with the possibility to also updating the candidate personal profile as his/her experience increases during the years.