Paolo Soro


Why Dubai

In less than 40 years, Dubai has moved from the local community trade center it was, to one of the most inspiring, exciting and successful of the world. The growth of Dubai continues to be sensational and its attractiveness as a tourist destination and business location is almost legendary. The variety of its demographics offers its residents and businesses a unique environment, enriched with cultures from more than 190 different countries, and a lifestyle and work environment unmatched in the whole Middle East. Dubai is a a bustling metropolis that integrates the heritage of the Emirates, the Arab vitality, the Western spontaneity and the West Asian resourcefulness.

With a population of nearly 500,000 people, the number of expatriates in Dubai has grown over 2 million, thanks to the appeal of its lifestyle and the investment incentives. The tax-free policy and the repatriation of earnings without deduction, offers huge benefits both in term of personal earnings and in term of business results, with incredible opportunities for private saving and for making profits at a business level. Each year thousands of companies are discovering how Dubai is the perfect point of contact bridging Western and Eastern Worlds, and a hub for Import/export of the whole region (one of the greatest in the world).

Nowadays Dubai has become the headquarters of multinational companies in the Middle East. Its reputation of wealth generator and stronghold of investments continues the prosperity of the city and to attract both multinational companies enterprising and SMEs. Dubai is trying to move away from the traditional way of trading and it is moving towards the use of its local natural resources for the subsistence of its population; in fact, since the second half the twentieth century, the profit obtained from the oil and gas industry have been matched and nearly overtaken by those made from a new knowledge-based service economy.

The Emirate has worked over the development and implementation of a strict ethic code, a transparent and open market, and a successful future. Those ingredients are central for the future success of Dubai, along with the political stability and the goal of becoming a center of the global economy in the upcoming future, have made Dubai one of the most interesting economic opportunities in the world.

The entrepreneurial and innovative companies that have located in Dubai have been supported by the extraordinary ambition of the Emirates in wanting to be at the forefront, pioneers in innovation and driven by strong leadership. The world leaders in trade, logistics, financial services, hospitality, tourism, ICT, Real Estate, construction, manufacturing, account for 90% of the commercial activities in the Emirates today.

This diversification, along with its strategic positioning, the state-of-the-art infrastructures and the philosophy of simplify the procedures for businesses and citizens, have made Dubai the most obvious choice to start a business or to expand in the Middle East.