Paolo Soro

Our Services

Keeping in mind that each Client has his/her particular story and background, the Firm consider that, in order to fully serve its Clients in the new market entry, some services ought to be offered, e.g. suggesting different ways to grow the Client business, proposing different strategies to enter the Middle East market, providing assistance both before, during and after the establishment in the new market, and monitoring constantly the situation, proposing new solutions for improving along with the current and future strategies of international tax planning.



Feasibility Study and Commercial Contacts


The Firm can provide its Clients with precise and customized Feasibility Studies in order to plan and make well-informed decisions (estimates of costs, budgets, business plan, etc.).

Moreover the Firm have a network of contacts in the UAE from which we are able to choose the best partners and/or potential buyers, enabling us to organize B2B meeting (Business to Business), as well as offering other services and opportunities for our B2C (Business to Consumer) Clients.

 Furthermore we keep the Client informed on events and exhibitions of interest, assisting him/her for planning a participation in these events (including hotel reservation, restaurant and local facilities, airport transfer, as well as driver and interpreter services if needed).

 For what concerns the B2G (Business to Government) the Firm illustrates the details of the projects undertaken by the Government Branches (especially regarding the upcoming EXPO 2020 in Dubai), assisting our Clients in filling and transmitting the documentation required (including expert opinions and notarized translations), and helping them in getting in contact with public institutions.



International Tax and Corporate Planning

It is out of doubts that, in order to fully take advantage of the opportunities offered by this new market entry, a deep knowledge of the local fiscal system is fundamental, especially considering the different types of company vehicle that can be used to pursue this strategy.

With more than thirty years of experience in corporate, fiscal and contractual law (both nationally and internationally) allows the Firm to offer complete and specialized advisory services ensuring our Clients of being always presented with the best option depending on the strategy he/she decides to pursue in compliance with national and international regulations, obtaining tax savings if there is the opportunity.

We do offer corporate law services even at the very beginning of this expansion process, suggesting the most suitable company type and configuration to reach the Client goals, both in case of new establishment and in case of branches, subsidiaries or representation offices. Our services span from the relocation of the whole or part of the Client business, to the simple import/export contractual arrangements.

Our assistance covered all the procedures that have to be done to establish legally the presence of the company in the new market. All the service that we offer to our local Clients (e.g. accounting, financial statements, auditing, etc.) are offered as well to our international Clients in all of their locations, directly or through our network.



Human Capital


The Human Resources (both external and internal), are the main driver of the company performance: the success in managing Human Capital lies in being able to give the right motivation for the resources inside of the company, seeking the most appropriate resources available in different markets, and being able to make the most out of the resulting interrelationships.


The Firm provides support in the activities of research and assessment of staff members, including information on local laws, management of the personnel (both qualified and not qualified), as well as the associated administrative tasks required.




Transaction and Post-sale Assistance

The ‘kick off’ of the new market entry is the signing of the different commercial and legal agreements (in english). The majority of our Clients are SME that, despite the desire of taking advantage of the international markets opportunities, are not fully equipped for this process (i.e. legal offices, and lawyers both locally and in the Emirates).

Our Firm consider that is part of our job to offer services in contractual law, as well as (if explicitly requested by the Client) to provide contacts of legal professionals with a successful track record and with deep knowledge of their field, which have collaborated with us throughout the years.

We believe that our Clients should have a representatives in loco which he could rely on and be constantly updated with all the information regarding how the business is going in the UAE while running his/her first business in his/her home country. In order to offered this peace of mind to our Clients, the Firm will be available to assist its Clients in managing their businesses remotely.




The Emirates’ legislation is very straightforward and business-oriented, avoiding those annoying red tape procedures that characterized the Italian legal system. Nonetheless, even inside the Free Zones of Dubai there are certain procedures that have to be filed to the government to abide the law and run a business in a legal manner. The Firm advise its Clients in the correct execution of all the procedures prescribed by the local and international regulations.

This assistance span from the simple bank account opening procedure (which dome time is not as easy as it may seem) and the request for credit and debit card, to more complex and advanced procedures, e.g. customs, the signs of logistics and transport contract, visa information and applications for tax residence.



Real estate

Many Italian companies and individuals have shown some interest in the real estate market of the Emirates. This is not a surprise: it is a strong industry and its rate of growth have been impressive during the last couple of years, moreover it is a very active segment of the economy, with a steady growing demand and a lot of investments from public institutions (PPP).

There are several reasons behind the decision to acquire or lease a property in Dubai: personal reasons, for example for having a luxurious holiday home in a modern and fascinating metropolis, as well as business reasons, for people who moved to Dubai or have to work there for a period of time.

Despite this various reasons, the most recurrent one as per our experience and as per the statistics we have found is an investment reason: the cost of acquiring a property in Dubai is reasonable and there are many possibilities to pay for it (deferred payments and very low interest rates), the constant demand for renting apartments in Dubai, the very protective law for landlords (tenants who delay payments are immediately evicted), which all together can reach a ROI of 6% or 7% per year, if the investment strategy is crafted the right way.

We help our Clients even in this circumstances, providing them with the contacts needed to set up the investment, and ensuring them with our assistance in the signing of the contracts at the same time.