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Dr. Paolo Soro is a Chartered Accountant and an Auditor who works also (in accordance with the national regulations) as a consulting professional in several fields; he is registered under the Section A (“Albo esercenti”) of the association of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Cagliari, Sardinia (“Ordine dei dottori commercialisti e degli esperti contabili di Cagliari), since 30/04/1987. His firm locations are in Cagliari, (zip code: 09127) at Via Ada Negri 10 (first floor) and 12 (first floor), in Rome at Via Ferdinando Galiani 5 (zip code: 00191) and in Milan at via Roberto Lepetit 8/10 (zip code: 20124). 

Fiscal code: SROPLA61M25G113S

VAT number:  01650820929


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• Law 50/92 – Right of withdrawal

• Law 633/41 - Copyright

• Law 70/03 – E-commerce

• Law 185/99 – Contracts

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